Solving Zucchini Growing Problems

Published: 28th April 2011
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Solving Zucchini Growing Problems
The Zucchini Plant Is Easy To Grow. That's Why You See It in Almost Every Home Garden. Although It's Easy Growing Plant, The Zucchini Have His Own Problems. Pest, Insects And Diseases Are Integral Parts Of TheZucchini Growing's Which I Will Expand Later In This Article.
In This Article I Tried To Gather Some Solutions For TheZucchini Growing Common Problems And I Will Be Very Glad To Read Your Comments And To Receive Additional Solutions For Additional Problems.

Zucchini Diseases
The Zucchini Plant Is Susceptible To A Large Verity Of Diseases. If Your Zucchini Infected With A Diseases It Will Be Fatal To The Plant Almost Every Time.
Here Are Some Of The Zucchini Diseases Names I Learned From My Experience:

Downy Mildew: Signs of the Disease Could Be Light Green Spots, Yellow Spots Or Fur Underneath The Leaves.

Botrytis Blight: If You See Brown Spotting On The Plant And Particularly Silver Spores On Dead Parts Of The Plant, Then Your Zucchini May Be Infected With Gray Mold.

Zucchini Powdery Mildew: You Can Miss It - If It's Happening Spray Water With Milk On The Infected Leafs.

Yellow Mosaic Virus: To Diagnose Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus, Inspect The Edges Of The Leaves On The Plant For A Yellow Color, Or Wrinkling.

Bacterial Wilt: The Symptom Is A Green Patch On The Leaf, Usually Appearing A Week After The Bacteria-Infected Beetle Makes A Feeding Wound In The Leaf. The Disease Spreads Throughout The Leaf Quickly And The Initial Patch May Not Even Be Detected. A Slimy Discharge Can Cause The Plant To Wilt, And The Plant Will Not Survive And From This Point The Plant Will Not Survive.

After A Long Research I Understood That The Only Safe Way Is Just To Prevent The Infection. You Can Do It By Making Sure That The Plant Is Getting Plenty Of Sun, The Right Amount Of The Weekly Water, Give The Plant A Space With A Good Airflow And Avoid Top Watering Because The Can Bring Diseases.
Keep The Pests Away. They Can Carry Some Of The Diseases I Mentioned Above With Them.
Zucchini Blossoms Are Falling From The Plant
Relax. This Is Not A Problem Infect The Blossom Fallings Is A Part Of The ZucchiniDevelopment.

Zucchini Pests & Insects
Pests Are The Cause For The Most Of The Zucchini Plant Problems. If Your Plant Infected With Pests You Will Not Miss It. The Bugs & Insects Will Be All On It. Most Of The Pests Can Be Controlled With Standard Pesticides Or Insecticidal Soap. It Is Most Recommended To Invest The Time For Pest Control As Soon As The Plant Is In The Ground, That Way You Will Avoid Zucchini Pests Infections.
Pests Includes: Spider Mite , Whitefly, Coreidae, Cucumber Beetle, Squash Vine Borer, Coreus Marginatus, Anasa Tristis, Coreidae And Cutworms

There Is Nothing To Do With Them But Removing Them By Hand.

Zucchini Starts To Grow And When It's 1-2 Inches Long It Gets Yellow And Die.
If You Handle Your Plant Like It Should Be You Must Have A Pollination Problem. When Female And Male Blooms Are Both Present And Female Blooms With Tiny Fruit Attached Continue To Fall Off, A Pollination Issue Exists.
This Task Usually Is Accomplished By Bees Or Insects Visiting The Flowers.
If Insects Are A Problem During Bloom, Spray Insecticides Late In The Evening When Pollinating Insects Are Less Active. Try Hand Pollinating With A Quip To Help Out The Bees.

The Plant Got Rot After Blossom
You Probably Were Watering The Plant To Much.
It's Best To Water Deeply About Once A Week. To Determine If The Plants Need Watering, Dig 3-4 Inches Into The Soil Next To The Plants. If The Soil Is Dry, It's Time To Water. If The Dirt Is Moist At This Depth, The Zucchini Plants Are Probably In Fine Shape. Give The Plants About An Inch Of Water Every Week If No Rain Falls.

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